Self-Nominate yourself as a Kindness Volunteer or Guide Runner or Kindness Location Lead!

  • Join as Kindness Volunteer with a Virtual Kindness locations : Whatsapp group for covid support work (The team is also supporting Visually impaired and the needy with support with other essential support in pandemic )
  • Join as Guide Runner: Training sessions(Virtual/onground) for VIs and Guides on how to work with one another in runs, strength training, practice runs, race participation following covid protocols
  • Join as a Location Leads who will lead other guides to visually impaired in their city, until they are able to independently manage
  • Online fitness sessions as a part of 60DaysOfKindnessFitnessChallenge
  • Calendar of events for 6 months you can participate: Online Meetups, Access to learning resources, Global Inclusion Summit
  • Exclusive Kindness Location discounts on fitness and nutrition products.

Please join this whatsapp group and book a 30 min zoom slot

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